Workshops for Students and Educators

Geared to the Upper Elementary Level 1 and Middle School Level 2 - 2 Hours
Unleash the authors in your classroom!

Children’s Author, Melissa Williams offers students a day of creative fun as she shares the inspiration behind her chapter books, Iggy the Iguana, Turtle Town and the comic character at the iWRITE Literacy Organization, “i” The Guy, while spending the day teaching specific creative writing and character development techniques used in popular books and stories.

By the Creator of the “i” The Guy Creative Writing Journal Program
Become a spark of creative energy in your own classroom this season!

Melissa Williams provides educators with the tools needed to effectively inspire creativity inside the language arts classroom. Learn useful writing components that are relatable to students in the 3rd-5th grade and are used by professional fiction writers. Melissa’s style of teaching is contagious and gets teachers energized to write, which naturally gets students excited to write as well. Melissa Williams will provide useful techniques that can be implemented into the core foundation of all types of elementary writing, including expository and narrative styles. The purpose of this workshop is to encourage teachers to get on the students’ creative level and understand the psychology of writing to a particular audience, while providing them with tangible and fun tools that can be used inside the classroom.



 NOTE: Both Presentations and Workshops include readings of one of the author’s books for inspiration and examples, and both include the opportunity to purchase and receive autographed books. Both Presentations and Workshops are also Creative Writing centered, focusing heavily on character development.

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